Independence < Profit?

Firstly, I know that everyone knows that disney likes to enforce gender roles on its audience and not only am I not the first but I am certain I won’t be the last person to criticise this corporate giant for doing so.

You see at my place of work there are several small disney princess books that describe what your favourite princess likes to do and what makes her life worth living.

Now I’m far from a rampant feminist, in fact in my experience sexism is a card pulled out much too often and I have seen it used in very tenuous circumstances, however, surely kids need to be taught things that will actually help them out in their lives?

As far as I could tell, these books were reminding little girls to get a husband who’s rich and have some cool friends.

Now shouldn’t there be something in there about aspirations and dreams?

Do the futures of children mean nothing to Disney?

Well that’s the whole point really isn’t it, because it had a vested interest in women settling down early so that there are more children to continue the cycle, I’m sure I’m going a little overboard here but it is a little sickening.

And I sort of feel the same way about the toys and accessories aimed at little girls as well, shouldn’t there be free reign to decide what you want to play with?

‘Hey girls, put make up on this glittery horse because otherwise you’re WRONG’

that’s the message and it sucks.

So as much as I would say sexism has lessened in recent years Disney still have a way to go, but I guess at least they’re not anti-semitic anymore.

This image below is not mine and I am not necessarily on the same lines as the message but the interpretation really does drive home something about Disney and their attitudes over the years.


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