Blog Of The Century!

This is a blog, in fact wordpress is full of blogs, as you should probably be aware by now.

The best thing about these things, in my mind at least, is that they give everyone a voice, any individual with an internet connection and a little free time can create their own little toasty corner of the internet to spread their conversational sauce on.

In that way it goes hand in hand with podcasts as part of the rise of the individual, no longer do you need to be famous to get your voice heard, you just need a computer and a couple of minutes.

Now you may have noticed by now that this is an excuse to make a blog entry and I commend myself for thinking of the most obvious topic for a blog, for that I apologise, however, here are some blog ideas that I think you will agree are a little bit worse.

– The Beauty Of Socks – a study of socks and their various smells, stretchiness limits and capacity for comfort.

– Mole Diaries – A diary-like account of the daily goings on of a mutated lump of tissue.

– Doctor Ignorance – Someone claiming to be a doctor talks about things he doesn’t understand as if they are facts (sound familiar to you?)

– Amishblog – in which nothing is ever posted.

– golb – a blog in which all text is written backwards.


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