A Downside To Our Evolutionary Journey?

Humans, my friends, are social animals.

We evolved that way and thanks to our abilities to communicate with each other and team up in many different ways, creating weapons, culture, cliques etc. we became the race that we are today.

But is there not a flaw in this need in the 21st century?

When you can do almost anything from your own home, is it a disadvantage to be an animal that craves to never be alone, that begs for company on all occasions and (in some cases) never gets any back?

Is loneliness a constant in humanity now we essentially have the world at our fingertips?

Are those of us wary of how quickly internet discussions lead to anarchy and how quickly chatroulette deteriorates into masturbation damned to be feeling the weight of our own instincts on our shoulders?

Should we always be scouring our local areas, talking to everyone we meet, desperate to increase the circle of people who reluctantly accept your presence in their company?

I cannot see myself doing that somehow, mostly because I find it incredibly hard to approach people, because, like loneliness, self-consciousness seems to be inbuilt into the fundamental aspects of human nature.

Is the anxiety about how we will fit in to new circumstances and/or already established circles of friendly people so great that it must override our ability to push ourselves outside our comfort zones?

Should the past and the high points you remember always bring back a melancholy nostalgia, despite the fact that you probably felt exactly the same back then?

Humans will always strive to be better than their present selves, and in that respect, is there any possible way we can feel complete?

Can one ever have enough friends to stop them from feeling the overwhelming pressure of society to make many, many more?

Could a chemical imbalance haunt us that much?

Or is it because of something I am not sure all humans have innate within themselves?

Surely the entire world doesn’t suffer self-disappointment?

You see people much worse off than you and yet they seem happy.

What is it about this beautiful, safe world full of friendly faces that creates that feeling, when you see yourself in the mirror, that you are not worthy of being part of such perfection?

And yet there you are, part of the universe, however briefly.

Perhaps it is indeed the brevity of our existence that pushes us forward.

Perhaps it is that fundamental fact that commands us to do everything and anything that could possibly make us happy, only to hit a brick wall when we realise that we are only singular humans, animals of a limited capacity, creatures of habit and reflection.

So, being a collective, having so much in common with the rest of our brilliantly unique species, why does loneliness even still exist?

Because that’s the way it is, just as one day we will all become the constituent particles of a vast nothingness, we will feel as if we are disappointments until we do.

I hope that I’m wrong.


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