Swinging The Wrong Way

Where do you even begin?

I realise that when I write this blogs I’m meant to have a certain subject matter in mind but since I’ve started working I’ve found it harder and harder to be specific in what my blog’s going to be about.

But today I ask the question of why do swingers exist?

Surely the entire institution of marriage is based on the concept of two becoming one, a deep, personal love between two individuals who wish to only be with each other.

Why then is adultery becoming more and more acceptable in this consensual form?

Surely it is worse to pretend that your partner means the world you while shagging various other people while giving them the thumbs up while they get down on their knees for somebody else, than the obvious answer to all of this. Divorce?

I mean really, by that stage, you’re not committed, you’re having an affair and you might as well go the whole way, the marriage is broken and by all intents and purposes you’re incredibly single, except you still tell the same person your lies every night about how you love them, knowing that you’re basically not in a relationship anymore.

Is it just me? Seriously, this is one of those things I can never wrap my head around, the entire concept is an oxymoron and the paradox it creates is one that is truly befuddling.

I may have more to say on this later when I have more time but for now I must say farewell.


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