The Beauty Of Reality

Where does fantasy bleed into reality?

What causes people to seek the fantastic in a world that is already so beautiful?

As pattern seeking animals we are programmed to see correlation where there is none, and when we do see it, whether through misinterpretation or even in truth, we assume that it is equivalent to causation, honouring the traits our ancestors needed to survive, a trait that serves us well while equally selling us short.

How often is it that we attribute certain events with failure?

It is quite obvious when we make that false connection, associating an event or a scenario with the breakdown of such a situation, using confirmation bias to our hearts content as we are programmed to, as we have been programmed through the unfairness of fairness of reality.

So when we see or hear something that we know shouldn’t be there, is it so wrong that we assume the impossible before the more probable?

No, that’s just the way that we work, you can no more condemn people for their perceptions than you can blame weeds for the awkward positions where they happen to have germinated.

It is no fault of the individual, and it is no fault of the genetic engineering nature constantly works away at.

However, the problem lies with admitting the fallibility of our memory, our recollection of events.

The problem stagnates when we pick and choose the facts and statistics we want to cling onto, only remembering those that suit our purposes and support not only our recollections, but our world views.

Once you can admit that your mind has the ability to trick itself, and does so much more than you would expect due to the stubborn nature of the human brain as a marvel of biology, then you can finally begin to look at the world with brand new eyes, see that your perception can be off, examine nature and your experience based on probability and logic.

Those words may seem cold to some but for many they are magical, and magical in the real sense of being halfway miraculous in their scope.

Reason should not be a word to be scowled and cringed at, it should be embraced with open arms, even those of us who are adamant that there is much more to this world than we can examine with evidence and logic must understand the importance of understanding what we see around us and what it has done for both the individual and the human race as a whole.

Science ladies and gentlemen.

Everything you do, everything you rely upon, everything you take for granted, there are so many things in your life, some of them even being used to condemn the very fire they were forged from, that rely on studies, evidence, logic, what we can truly observe to be practical and impractical, because anecdotal evidence gets us nowhere, and empirical evidence has brought us to much good, so much glory and so much convenience.


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