The Beauty Of Grey Skies

When people look out at a blue sky the glass is suddenly half full, the photons gracefully beaming into their usually ungrateful pupils are accompanied with an inherent feeling of optimism as self-worth, one that can barely be emulated for many when the clouds overtake the sky and cast their gloomy shadow over the petty citizens of the planet humanity is so lucky to have survived on.

Even the systems by which the brain delivers serotonin should not deter these people however, for the clouds are just as beautiful as the ambient blue the northern hemisphere often craves; the light they let through may not provide such a defining outline of the world around us, however, they give us the rains, which if appreciated rather than sneered at can create an incredible aesthetic joy, the cascade of water from the heavens being something that many cultures set their superstitions and traditions around for the grace that it comes from.

We still create our own superstitions however, by assuming that a blue sky will bring about a better day, and by letting ourselves appreciate our world less, we fall into a loop spiraling down the half-empty glass, a self-fulfilling prophecy, if you live your life expecting misery then misery will find you before long, and what happens when it does? You moan and manipulate the hatred into something monstrous and blown out of all proportion.

If one however, can just for a moment, look around on a day blanketed with dark clouds, one can easily spot the fundamental wonder of our glorious planet and forget about that inert feeling, that instinct to let yourself down when the sun is missing from the distant horizon, and happiness can be extrapolated in droves at that point, given of course, that the triggers for that half-empty feeling retain their steady frequency and don’t overwhelm your adjusting mind.

So pack your troubles away, let those idiots who live to bring you down be idiots, rest assured in the knowledge that you are better than them and their petty remarks and walk with your head held high, notice the lines and patterns of nature, the smile of your partner’s face when you get home, the comfort of a soft duvet around your tired body and fight the pessimistic side of the human condition, as hard as it is.

I am not saying this is easy, and I am far from inherently joyous, however, it is one small step, to get over that very British idea, to get over griping about the weather. The earth is still the earth, it is all we have, it is miraculous, and it is the only hunk of rock I associate myself with, all countries, all nations, all peoples, we are here in the present, alive and experiencing many decades worth of an effort to extend our lives, thanks to this we have even longer to realise that grey skies are not the end of the world, they are just another form of the beauty our planet exhibits.


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