We are stuck to the ground.

You know when something just hits you and you can’t stop thinking about it? Well I like to bathe in the knowledge that we live on a giant rotating orb in a vacuum and imagine myself turning it with my own movements as I walk, it’s an odd thing to do, but nobody can tell you’re being an idiot so you don’t get scalded for it, so in other words it’s fun, really stupid and a lot less risky than public masturbation.

There’s no real way to picture us hurtling through space however, it’s a lot easier for us to ignore this aspect because we can’t experience the feeling, thank to gravity sticking us to our beloved hunk of rock. And if we could we’d probably get dizzy pretty fast, and we would probably die out pretty fast as well, let’s just be glad physics doesn’t work that way.

Anyway, time for a non sequitur.

Why can I not find any books for biological sciences degrees?

The university website told me that I could order some literature and I assumed that meant a book of the course but no, apparently it’s just a leaflet.

So how then am I supposed to actually get my brain working again before I go back into education, I’m certainly not getting any cognitive stimulation at work, and no matter how much I can get into sciency things in my free time I certainly don’t feel cleverer than I did when I finished my A-levels.

So, where do I begin? Do I have to wait to start my course, a course that I ended up on because I managed to screw up my A levels so badly that I didn’t get any of my original choices?

I can only blame myself for that I know but it’s still pretty fail of me and I can rant about myself as much as I bloody please without anyone getting offended, and this issue still pisses me off in that it was me who did it.

But the fact that I can’t seem to even get a leg up here? Surely there should be some sort of a booster you can request?

Well if anyone happens upon one, let me know, because I’d really like to start learning again, staring at a wall from 9-5 really drills that into your head, well, my head at least, where I can drift off and think… I could be doing something useful and challenging instead of this and now I have to wait until October…

Well, I brought this upon myself, but the world is a nice place to be living in, at least in this particular segment of it, and I have a choice about whether or not to get paid or not, can you guess which one I’d rather do?


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