Poetic Injustice

Happening upon this competition in the newspaper a question came to me that has come up a couple of times before in my head, a question that sort of arose from the emphasis British education puts on poetry and the importance of poetry in English Literature. The question of how one could possibly become a poet, looking through the writer’s and artist’s yearbook most of the literary agents clearly state – no poetry, and several times I have come across websites that claim it is impossible to become a professional poet, well then how do people get to these positions in the first place?

Now I understand that there are many many people that have the ability to arrange words in a pretty fashion but some are better at it than others, and it seems that the only real way to boost that side of one’s repertoire is by entering barely advertised competitions that are usually closed by the time they are discovered.

So how did people like Simon Armitage and everyone else we had to study at GCSE get to the stage where their work was required reading for students?

Well according to the aforementioned poet’s website it was through locally released pamphlets which sounds like a very odd way of making a start and not one that everybody would have to balls to do, I mean I struggle ringing one person, how much more difficult would arranging a local release be, never mind finding a medium by which people could pick it up and begin to follow the work.

As with all of the arts it seems to just be a right place right time thing, which quite frankly sucks, it’s like a colander that drops pasta when it is drained of the water, something about it just seems quite unfair, and I suppose that anyone who has an interest in the arts just has to face up to that revelation, disappointing as it may be, that all you can do is try and increase the probability of you getting picked up and wait to see if lady luck gives you the eye.


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