The Beauty Of Mystery

Because ignorance is bliss is an overused phrase that I will save only for my novels.

Seriously, take a look around you, how much of the natural world do you understand?

The answer could be anything from nothing to a large portion of it, but think about how many years back it was since we didn’t understand any of what we see with our curious eyes, hell, the insane clown posse still don’t understand it, and that can be said of many people who remain apathetic about how beautiful this world is even in the 21st century when we have learned so much.

What is lucky for them however, is their mission, should they choose to accept it.

Can you even begin to imagine what it would be like to understand the world from scratch again? The unraveling of the universe’s answers is nothing short of beautiful and a process I have always failed to understand people showing a lack of interest in.

And what’s amazing about this plane of existence is that it is so incredibly vast that there will always be new things to uncover, further distances to peer into the past for, smaller and smaller particles making up everything we see around us, hidden aspects of the way our reality works tucked away in the simplest of spaces that no-one has thought to look in yet.

The possibilities are endless, and as long as humans are around to continue, we will succeed in unraveling more and more of these mysteries and opening up a thousand new doors in their wake, because there is always more, and that’s a beautiful thing, the never ending tunnel of discoveries, so many of which will be unlocked in our own lifetimes if the process continues at the cumulative rate it has been working on in the recent past, we could be the first ones to figure out what causes aging for one, could it be that in a few generations we could have the answers to how to conquer death?

It’s a fascinating question that sounds a lot more complicated than it is, there could indeed be a time when we understand everything about ourselves, but the universe? No, we will never understand everything about the glory of the cosmos, there’s just too much wonder to peek through, and that, my friends, is beauty in mystery.


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