A Redundant Suggestion

Do you know what would be a great idea?

Beds at festivals.

Not to knock on tents but I can’t imagine there are people that prefer them to a mattress beneath their backs, and with beds people will no doubt find it a lot easier to get laid at these festivals, which, in my experience is the only thing on the mind of two thirds or more of the festival goers, and yes that includes the bands, people are distracted by the mere whiff of poonani.

With these beds there would be no qualms about space for tents, nobody would have to try and squeeze themselves into a one man when they know that people only really fit into three man or more.

Also unless you have an air mattress you’re not going to be comfy sleeping in the fetal position against the hard ground with questionably appropriate music blares from all around you and you admit to yourself that the next morning’s hangover is inevitable.

Another thing that they could do is give you a cooker under your bed in a drawer so you don’t end up with toffee popcorn stuck to your sleeping bag and a sorry excuse for a sausage rolling around in the dirt because you were banned from barbecuing how it should be done.

Maybe there could be a shower head in that drawer as well, and a clean toilet that isn’t ten minutes from where you’re sleeping.

But these things will never happen, and it’s alright that way, you get the experience I guess and it’s a good time, but you will always notice how much easier it would be with cleanliness and a comfy spot to lie down.


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