On The Silver Lining

You hear a lot that one phrase that lies dormant in our fragile human minds until a situation appears where it is relevant, one that you forget kind of exists until that sort of thing is presented to you, and that is the phrase every cloud has a silver lining.

Now that phrase itself is odd, because surely that’s the opposite of what you want from a cloud, if it has a silver lining that surely means it’s on its way towards breaking point, is this a rain celebration thing, a reminder of the days when agriculture was the most common job in the land? Probably not, I’m just being pedantic.

Regardless however, when you think about that phrase it really does have the sense of telling someone not to feel bad about whatever has just occurred, which is a silly thing to try and do.

Because in the kind of situation where you need to be told that, it’s okay to feel bad, sadness is inherent at times and discouraging releasing that emotion is pretty unhealthy, we can’t deny that some things get us down, and trying to take away from the weight of the moment will never really do anything but create an extra few sentences of small talk.

I suppose the phrase lets you know that someone cares about you, but surely if you’re at the point where you’re discussing a problem the caring is already apparent so that use is a little redundant.

The point though is, that despite how much something can sting initially, it dissipates overtime until it’s just a twinge of hurt rather than a knife to your stomach, and although that is an obvious thing to say, it’s at least a little comforting, like when you’re in pain you can take comfort in knowing that it will only hurt for so long.

The problem is however, that no matter how nice that thought is, it’s not going to help with the initial sting.

Sometimes you’re gonna feel like shit.

Let yourself feel like shit, because if you’re not reacting then someone should really be worrying about you.

And when the shit’s been flushed down after a certain amount of time you can appreciate the lighter side more, the silver lining, and thus we come full circle.


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