Is it just me or do sidekicks take a little away from superheroes?

I mean I saw the Judge Dredd movie many years ago and I really wanted to murder Rob Schneider, a feeling I don’t often get seeing as I don’t see a lot of the guy.

Especially in movies I find that when the comic relief character is an essentially useless distraction from the actual plot that it really waters down the intellectual property of the plot and is a little patronising, assuming that we don’t concentrate enough on the serious to enjoy the story.

Also in comics I find the idea of there being a super-everything a little overdone, but seeing as I never really understood the appeal the character and can’t see myself every changing that, I find that superboy, supergirl and krypto the super dog all a bit overwhelming, especially after watching the atrocity that was Superman Returns, never again.

And although I never really saw how Robin deserved as much face time as he did, I loved Nightwing, the actual evolution of a sidekick was interesting and the relationship batman and robin had in the first place was far from Rob Schneider-ish in nature.

There will always be a range however, for example Aqualad is much more pointless than The Falcon, who I personally prefer over Captain America, maybe it’s because I don’t understand nationalistic views etc. either way, Captain America I could never seriously appreciate, his only redeeming quality was that he had less powers than Superman, and that’s another refreshing thing Batman and Robin always had, they didn’t have any supernatural abilities, they used their own intelligence and skill which is really special considering how many powers are around now.

I mean really, who needs the Forges of the superhero world, are they not just a get-out clause for huge plotholes that would be needed otherwise for the invention of ridiculous devices as critical points in the plot?

At least they seem to diverge from the blatant racism of Batfink and Karate but that was a long time ago.

Now, unsurprisingly, one that works really well is Weasel from Deadpool’s band of associates, he was humorous, sarcastic and he looks at his life with disappointment, he’s quite grounded in reality considering Deadpool’s innate sense of humour, multiple times breaking of the fourth wall and his existence being an ongoing piss take of Deathstroke from Teen Titans.

Is it odd that the sidekick that seems to work the best is essentially a spoof?

Well no, and Dick Grayson still worked really well.


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