The Small Print

Don’t listen to advertising.

This is a very general rule and I know I already sound cynical, but isn’t that what I’m known for on this corner of the internet? Aren’t I here to play devil’s advocate? Well generally know but false advertising is another one of those things that really shouldn’t be allowed to get a free pass in today’s society.

The small print is always there, but nobody gets the message there do they?

When the small print is a complete oxymoron to the actual message of the commercial is that not still fraudulent? It’s pathetic loophole too small to fit even the tiniest of fonts through?

Big businesses have the ability to do whatever the hell they like and that’s fine but don’t start going around saying that your food can make people lose weight.

It’s a food, you eat it, you get heavier.

The small print of part of a calorie controlled diet is not something people are going to pay attention to.

This world is constantly waiting for miracles, but what people are too blind to see is that miracles don’t bloody happen, especially with something as controllable as body fat percentage.

So head on down to the gym and eat less if you’re fed up with your figure, because eating this magical product alone will not do it for you.

Fitness and health are lifestyle issues, products cannot change that, unless you’re talking about liposuction and even then you won’t be doing a hell of a lot more running.

Don’t listen to advertising, listen to your brains.


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