Wake Up And Smell The Bullshit

There are a lot of nutty people where I work, believe in the ridiculous is wide and the sheep listen while the idiots preach, taking in every word as gospel and not for one minute questioning what they are being told, but when the story that’s coming out of someone’s mouth is so plain how can anyone possibly misinterpret it? Is that was the human race does now? Are we destined to gawp as the explainable is ignored in favour of a conclusion so stupid and off-topic that it’s basically a non-sequitur?

Picture the scenario, you’re trying to give up smoking, you go to some guy who says he can help.

Sounds reasonable enough so far right?

The guy starts by telling you exactly the right scenarios to avoid and what to do instead of smoking, this is the part where my conclusion started. Why? Because he bloody told these people how to give up smoking and because they thought he was some kind of mystical witch doctor hypnotist thing they actually listened rather than ignoring it and heading straight for the off license after the important? And what was more? It cost them £50, and if you’re not listening after £50 is flushed out of your wallet for hearing what you already knew then you’re going to listen.

Of course the woman explaining this was incredibly surprised that she managed to give up smoking afterwards, and instead of attributing it to her being told how to bloody do it, she attributed it to the fact that afterwards he waved some medallion in front of her for a few seconds and spewed forth a truckload of gibberish from his ever so helpful mouth.

‘It were hypnotism, I didn’t realise it until afterwards.’

No, it wasn’t, you’re assuming that your grip on your addiction was so strong that anything that could remove it must be mystical in nature, well I’m sorry, but you had the answer right in front of you and you chose to ignore it, I’d like the oxygen back you’re keeping from me please.

‘The thing is, with the way we people are, our brains try stuff and we get addicted to them, it’s like we get addicted to them.’ – the words of an obviously smart and reasonable person.

Somebody rescue me from this house of nonsense.


3 responses to “Wake Up And Smell The Bullshit

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  2. Yes, most people are morons. they are afraid to think for them selves.They need some “expert” to tell them how to do every thing and every thing. I have noticed that the mere Television they watch the less likely they are to think for themselves.

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