A Charitable Question

This is going to sound a little silly but can everyone who has facebook find an event called macmillan fest 2011.

Macmillan cancer support is a charity that improves the lives of people suffering from the most infamous of diseases, working on making their lives easier and happier as long as they last.

This is a festival in Nottingham being run by a good friend of mine and will encompass several stages across the world renowned rock city venue.

This is not the most important part however, because since I haven’t had many gigs as an acoustic artist I am not established enough to go straight onto the bill so please inflate my ego, go halfway down the page after liking it of course, and like my comment ‘fucking me’ on the indie/acoustic post halfway down.

This is not the name of my act, I was just trying to get myself down and at the same time get peoples’ attention.

If I get enough likes on this post I will be eligible to enter a little battle of the bands showdown to earn a place on the bill, I would really appreciate this, and I don’t ask for much.

It’s no guarantee but I love playing music and since my band’s demise my life’s been lacking it profusely, so if you would be so kind as to put a smile on my face that would actually be amazing.


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