The Freebirds and The Bees

Now you’re all probably expecting me to say something about the royal wedding aren’t you? Well I’m not, I already did a little of that, and besides, that’s a discussion for another day, because at the moment the amount I don’t care about it outweighs the amount I detest it, as with most British people I would imagine.

So what else is going on? Well, I’ve been thinking about why we all set our goals so high, I mean are there people that aspire to work in a shop? I suppose there probably are somewhere, although I would have to say that as someone who is currently working in one, I have minus empathy for these people, in fact they should aim higher.

There are many people however, for the most potent example, that want to be in a famous rock band, in fact there are so many bands formed in high schools that you can’t walk down a corridor in a secondary school without finding five people who all play instruments trying to work out who’s going to have to be the bassist.

And the problem with this dream, which is one that I share, is not only that there are so many people chasing it, but that a band is essentially like a relationship with two to four other people, everyone’s got to stay content and generally agree for things to work, in fact I’ve heard that the best advice for a new band is not to break up, and to me, those are wise words if I ever heard some.

Half of all marriages end up in divorce, if two people are having trouble keeping themselves stuck together what about three or more? It’s not surprising therefore to hear that there are bands out there that absolutely despise each other, and with many jobs, it becomes less about the fun and more about the money.

At that point however, they should probably be carted off to some hope graveyard and replaced with the next bunch of hopefuls, and I would recommend that were it not for the dollops of shit the music industry likes to serve on our already smelly plates wherever you may be.

I’m a little hopeless with my goals however, every chance I got I’d probably take, does this make me a sap? Yes, probably, but admitting this should lessen those sappy points a little, anyone got four instruments with corresponding people and a garage?


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