0 Dimensions

So in the beginning there was not necessarily a God, and there was certainly no ‘let there be light’ moment, but beyond that can we really know anything about our pre-universe?

There was undoubtedly more than nothingness before the universe, but nothingness, as well as infinity are concepts that our mammalian brains cannot hope to fathom, as macro beings, at least outside of the world of mathematics, mankind’s cheat code for discovering the outlines of this curious universe.

Think about it, if the quantum level of reality perplexes us so, how much hope does the layperson or indeed the expert have of understanding simpler dimensions, outside of time and space.

We cannot fathom zero dimensions, we cannot fathom anything beyond time and space, quantum level particles exist as probability fields, so how much more abstract to the limits of the human mind would a zero dimensional faux-nothingness appear? I think by now we’re on the exploding heads level of confusion, but I could be wrong, perhaps it’s more of a conversion to a vegetative state kind of thing.

However, there my friends, is a place where infinity could truly manifest itself, and yet we can never observe it, by definition, it is outside of the realm of testing, outside our universe, outside of our reality and capacity of understanding.

It is indeed a false dichotomy, coming back to the point, the difference between something and nothing, it, as with most things is a scale, it just happens to be that the lower end of that scale is nigh impossible to comprehend from within the universe, and especially so because there are fundamental limits to our rudimentary equipment and knowledge.

Scale this ‘nothingness’ up however, add a few complementary dimensions and the universe suddenly seems alarmingly familiar, because we understand what we can observe to a degree, and once things go theoretical everyone and their mother believes they can interpret an insane amount of data without having ever seen it, and to a much more accurate degree than actual theoretical physicists.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is not what your mother meant when she told you to ‘believe in yourself’.

Just know that as far as we understand it, there was more than nothing, and that slightly more than nothing, through a series of happenings in our favour led to me, you, David Bowie and all of the heavens.

Is that a nice thought? I certainly think so, there’s no need to be scared of reality despite the fact that we are all programmed by millions of years of evolution to feel exactly that, reality is what reality is and beautiful though it is, I overuse that word on here, let’s try a different one. How about fuzzy? Yes, I like that one, reality is fuzzy.

And now for some balance, here’s a picture of two tiny kittens.


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