Royal Farce II

Should I say something about the wedding?

Surely everything has already been said, everyone knows how I feel on the subject, and yet with it shoved in our faces I do have to say that despite the concept pissing me off, any excuse to have a couple less hours of work is nice.

It does raise the question however, of whether British taxpayers should chip in for my wedding, I mean I will probably have a lot less money than either of those rich bastards have, and yet I’ll have to pay for it myself.

Surely, seeing as they earn so much money they could have just done us a favour and paid for it themselves? I mean really, they didn’t need the money from the public, they’ve got plenty already.

Besides that however, I really don’t have the energy to say much, I’ve had about two hours sleep and my hangover is pirouetting in my brain stem. See you tomorrow.


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