Brief Paradolia

Paradolia is incredibly interesting would you not agree?

Seriously, hearing stairway to heaven backwards still gives me shivers despite how silly it is, and once you hear the whole toolshed thing it really can’t be unheard.

You do wonder sometimes however, why people get so obsessed over some familiar looking grilled cheese sandwich, I mean, surely if the virgin Mary was going to appear to you, she wouldn’t want you to eat her afterwards, that would just be silly.

As Shermer says, we are pattern seeking animals, but seeing patterns when they aren’t there is something that comes along with that and really hinders us sometimes.

Correlation doesn’t equal causation, a phrase that has to be constantly repeated so that the concept digs in to the abyssal ruins of our pathetically predictable yet fascinating brains.

audible paradolia however, for me, seems to be much more riveting than its visual counterpart.

There’s something about hearing something as if someone is saying it that is a very strong message, even knowing what truth lies behind it.

And people find it difficult to admit that not everything they perceive is real, people are so sure of themselves that their stubbornness often gets in the way of their sanity.

Nevertheless, if they choose to accept that what they are hearing and seeing is something different, the fascination has the potential to last a lifetime.

That is all.


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