So in the throes of many species’ ecstasy spring has arrived in full force and with it a load of optimistic eco warriors are beginning to arrange something for the upcoming season, the infamous summer.

I have nothing against these people, in fact I would be more than willing to do my part for the earth but it turns out that they’re not.

So sometime in May, in a park very close to where I live many organisations and businesses are gathering to promote a sustainable environment.

But somewhere along the way they must have gotten lost because they seem to have mixed up the words ‘natural’ and ‘sustainable’.

I don’t have to point out to you that given that we are all within the confines of the universe there really isn’t anything that isn’t natural around us, and the lines that people draw for this natural world still include poisons, earthquakes etc. good start.

However, the main problem I have is with the fact that Organic food is being promoted as sustainable under this guise and if there is anything that organic food isn’t it’s sustainable.

There’s no proof that it’s more nutritious for one thing, but what’s more important is that it’s NOT sustainable.

In fact, the reason non-organic food exists is to be sustainable, GM crops and modern farming have the potential to feed many billions of people, whereas organic food alone would struggle to feed the world’s population at its current state, it just doesn’t work.

Never mind the CAM stuff, I know that on my crusade of truth I should really be angry at the complementary medicine booth that’s going to be there but that’s just off topic, it’s got nothing to do with the environment and for the moment, I think I need to take a few deep breaths before I jump on that shit again, but seriously, this is just a case of simple fact checking.

Crops are altered to make them better, why would anyone make a crop worse and then spread it around, that much is common sense.

So, when we’re meant to be promoting a sustainable ecosystem, promoting something inherently unsustainable is just one of those hypocrisies that drives me insane.

I stared at this leaflet for minutes shouting at it in my head, praying that it was some kind of twisted, ironic joke, but sadly not, my area, it seems, just like everywhere else, is littered with ignorance and assumption.

Need I say think for yourself again? No, that’s sort of becoming cliché.

Isn’t that right kitty?


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