Conspiracy Filter

So with Bin Laden dead, there are a lot of conspiracy theories going around. Despite DNA, video and photographic evidence proclaimed there are reports that he isn’t dead, has been dead for years etc.

And the fact is really that you people aren’t going to go into some vast ocean and search for his decaying corpse to prove it, sometimes you have to take peoples’ word for it.

And I’ve said a couple of things that I think have been accentuated by the news that he was actually unarmed during the raid but that’s probably because it turns out that I’m much more of a pacifist than I thought I was.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when listening to conspiracy theories however, things that should let you know that they are inherently illogical.

For one, anything that could possibly disprove the conspiracy, is, by definition part of the conspiracy, in this way the claims made by conspiracy theorists are infallible, and we all know that when something becomes infallible it should probably be looked at with a raised eyebrow, or maybe two, or three if you’re some sort of eyebrow heightened monster.

What you have to remember as well is that some guy sitting in his basement probably isn’t as all-knowing as he thinks he is, in fact, given his situation, it’s very likely that the US intelligence service is (funnily enough) more intelligent than him.

Saying that however, the Janitor from Scrubs seemed to know where to look so someone should really interrogate the guys who wrote that one script.

As with most conspiracies however, they can be nicely brushed aside by people who aren’t inherently paranoid or nutty.

The main problem I think people seem to be having with this is the fact that Barack Obama’s election campaign will have a much higher chance of being successful because of this, and to that all I can say is ‘what did you expect?’ Seriously, in the wake of such a momentous event would you not try and stick that under the list of reasons why you should be re-elected. It’s hard enough for him to persuade people in the first place, what with 5% of US citizens thinking he’s either a Muslim or a communist, maybe this’ll just affect them and just cut out the discrimination. Unlikely, I know, but a lot of people are very proud of this moment despite the outcome.

“I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy.” – Martin Luther King, Jr

Just for balance.


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