Politics Free Zone

Screw you politics, I will not write about you, no matter how in my face you are at the moment, with your idealogical wars, the counter arguments that make no sense and the patronising assumptions of the other end of the political spectrum I refuse to make comment on these incredibly important but incredibly aggravating matters.

It’s bad enough knowing that people are taking the newspapers’ word as law and therefore shunning a certain party for what Rupert Murdoch wants them to think rather than actually listening to their policies and realising what they have done to counter what is essentially a political train wreck every time it holds power. No, I will not even begin to mention the coalition and the fact that people are too lazy to make up their own minds about it, instead making some journalist their own voice, a journalist with their head so far up their own arse that they’re licking their own intestines at this moment in time, I refuse to talk about these issues.

I refuse to write about the fact that one side of this debate makes no sense and one side makes a little sense, because this is how it always seems and I’m sure that it always will and it will always differ for different people, but seriously the tactics of some of these people are ridiculous, they’re barely even attempting to express their own views, merely calling the opposition names behind their backs, it’s like being in a school playground, where that smarmy kid with the rich parents would get away with everything by blaming it on the boy he claimed to be his best friend just a few seconds ago. Is that not what this is about? Is that not the reason I’m not going to talk about politics on here?

Politics is just another way to divide people, it’s like religion in that respect, you can’t debate your position versus someone’s opposing view without coming across as a massive cock.

I mean have you ever had a conversation with someone with an opposing political view where all their points made perfect sense? If you have then you are very lucky, keep that person close, they are probably one of the most logical people you have ever met or can hope to meet.

Who I really have respect for here however are the people who really couldn’t give a toss, the people who will just vote for the lesser of the dicks they’re allowed to vote for because it seems like a reasonable opinion, then can go home, pour themselves a nice tall glass of lemonade and ignore the facebook arguments that many people will inevitably be initiating, I suppose it’s only going to get worse as the results come flooding in so I guess it’s a good thing I’m never going to mention anything vaguely related to politics on this blog. Yep, it’s just my ramblings about my life, science-ish things and hypocrisy, none of which need to touch on political opinion at all.

Yes it’s a very good thing I’m keeping this to myself, who knows how many people will go on this blog to rant about how I’ve got this all wrong… think about how many people will view my blog to object… I think I just came up with a brilliant idea to boost my views. Hold on internet because I’m about to ramble my arse off for one time only.


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