The Supplication of Unheard Voices

Freedom is taken very lightly in this country don’t you think? In the United States it is a buzzword, always optimised to its potential by every candidate, however, it seems be only an afterthought across the pond, with people more bothered about offence or fear of change, or, unfortunately foreigners. Which is something that I will never be able to understand.

We are people of the world, no matter what country we are from people are essentially the same, in fact, I dare you to find a personality type in one country that can’t be found in every other, it just doesn’t happen, we’re all human.

So why is it that people are so driven by nationality? Is it that sense of wanting to be better than others? Is it the knowledge that we live in a rich nation that means that anyone that mentions ‘preserving traditional Britain’ suddenly becomes the don? Surely that’s a ridiculous idea?

Think about it, the arrow of time moves forwards, things change and evolve, opinions fluctuate, everything that you could possibly call ‘British’ was not always there and it will not always be there, and do you know why? Because you may have heard that we have a fourth dimension in our universe and it’s called time, get fucking used to it because it’s always going to be there, even when the universe reaches maximum entropy and atoms are no longer able to stay stable, the arrow of time moves forwards (Might be wrong with that one but you get my point).

So why take such time to conserve the past, when it will inevitably change?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking on tradition, just people who see the inevitable juggernaut of a sociological paradigm shift as a bad thing. People who get angry because there is more ethnic diversity in their country than their used to be, forgetting that Britain is inherently a mongrel nation.

Do you not understand Britain, that the past is gone?

It’s a good thing that things change, would you not be terrified if everything stayed exactly the same all the time? Would that not be the most mundane of realities?

So when something new that could potentially make your opinion count for once in your life comes along, don’t be scared into using that opinion to stamp your own out.

Because you really are the boot stamping on your human face forever there.

When you are offered a chance to make your opinion count, don’t quell it for Christ’s sake.

But I suppose it’s too late for that, something I knew was inevitably coming, the lack of change, and hopefully one day we’ll be given that chance again, and people will actually take it.

Listen to what the choices are about, not who the people are who proposed it.

This whole series of events is a massive Ad Hominem attack, and we all know to whom you are attacking.

But in the end of the day, it is yourselves you are restricting, and I speak here, knowing that as long as I live where I do at the moment my vote will never count.

That doesn’t sound like democracy does it?


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