At Least Use A Condom

So is it really my place to ask why people are so perverse?

I suppose as a human I have a right to if not a duty to be held, even if it with eventually be abhorred.

Recently the majority of the views to this particular blog have centred around one particular post, the one where I was talking about how ridiculous an idea summoning a soul sucking demon to essentially optimise masturbation was.

I also wrote a sequel article to that one, but I can’t remember what I wrote about in that one, let me check a second…

Oh yes, it was a response to a comment I got taking that first blog extremely seriously and advertising the user’s summoning method etc, which seemed to leave out all of the parts of the succubus story that were potentially soul sucking and at all harmful, instead demoting these demonic creatures to the blow up dolls of the supernatural world.

However, I suppose the pictures on the first one were much more enticing than the second because many people are searching for ‘succubus fuck’, ‘succubus sex’ and strangely enough, ‘prince william pissing’.

I don’t really want to know what the last one is about.

By the way if that should have been self-evident, realise that I didn’t watch the royal wedding and am extremely glad that I managed to avoid its twelve hour haunt.

Adding to that, I had another post what must have been about a year ago in which I very childishly talked about the similarity between many musical intruments and genitalia.

This spawned an absolute monster, with my highest referred searches being generally things akin to ‘girl fucking a guitar’, ‘microphone cock’ and other things that I could not possibly have foreseen, all of which scare me immensely.

So why is it that people are searching for these things almost constantly?

Would it be a good idea to make more of those of my less proud moments of silliness to optimise my readership?

To be honest you can never really put a finger on how low people with stoop to squeeze out a splooge, it may be a crude conclusion but it’s true, now for the sake of my faith in humanity, search for things with a little less crotch focus please.

You’re making kitty scared.


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