Timelessness is something all musicians strive for, and I believe, as many people do that there are some artists that will just stand that wear and tear of the years and still come out as impressive as the day they emerged from magnetic tape and into the ears of many excited people the world over.

But what is it about The Beatles, The Kinks, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin that keeps generations coming back to them over and over again? Is there something they have that so many clones are missing. Certainly nobody expects All Time Low to still be listened to in 30 years time. (To be honest I’m surprised people are listening to them now, they’re bloody awful.) But what is the difference between a Beatle and a Beach Boy (I know the Beach Boys are still considered quite influential but compared to their contemporaries? There’s no question).

These artists set the groundwork for the next however many generations of music in their own way, certainly The Beatles made many technological innovations that have lasted many years and spanned many genres where few people actually give The Beatles a chance.

And if you find a guitarist that doesn’t appreciate Hendrix I’ll find you a cat that doesn’t like slaughtering mice and birds.

But as always it comes down to the songs, and the conciseness of their music (huh, didn’t think that would actually be a word) really strengthens the impact that they can have over the years since their parting. I mean most of The Kinks’ material could have been written today and it would still be just as popular, it would just have to compete with the swamp of crap that is inevitably plaguing the music scene at every turn.

So what’s the point in this blog? Well there isn’t a real point, I just really like classic rock and its associated friends, few things can make me smile like a bit of Thin Lizzy and I think it’s a little magical that so many years on, there are so many people who feel the same way about these artists that the world did when they were in their prime.

Notice that I didn’t even start on Frank Sinatra, there’s a fine line there, he’s just a legend, you can’t even discuss him without needing some sort of golden statue to bow down to.


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