You would really think that with all the links coming to my site because of those succubus posts that I’d do another one of those today, but no, I refuse to do another until I’ve actually got something halfway interesting/quirky to talk about, so be unsurprised then when I mumble for three hundred words about something nobody cares about.

Every time I watch Eurovision I am amazed at how awful all the songs are, except for Lordi, they were awesome, probably why I saw them live later that year, strange idea, although they were hilarious.

But besides that rather lovely exception there’s always a sense, especially when watching the winning songs, that they don’t deserve any points, because there’s no talent there, and though I applaud the UK this year for choosing an actual established musical act rather than some fags they found intoxicated at karaoke night with no shame, you still think, really? Blue?

When Britain has produced acts such as Muse, The Beatles, etc. is it not a waste to use a boyband rather than people with genuine musical prowess.

I also with that Armenia had let System Of A Down on, I know they wanted to talk about the genocide but really, it happened, what’s wrong with letting Turkey know that some second, third, fourth generation Armenians still remember that a load of them were murdered, I mean it’s not like all jews are holocaust deniers, and you can’t really expect them to do the same, in fact I think it would have made a nice change from the overly happy and terribly written ditties that thrive like locusts on the crops of europe’s simple minds.

Now I’m not even going to go into the friendly voting process because everyone knows how that works, something that was incredibly evident when Finland (I believe) gave all of its votes to its Scandinavian neighbours.

The whole thing is silly but I guess that’s what keeps people coming back, a few hours under the guise of a song contest that’s really ex-soviet countries giving each other a nice warm hug.


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