And Relax…

There are a lot of services, therapies, modes of advice etc. that tell you how to relax, they take you through several convoluted steps and often they cost you a lot of money, maybe somebody waves their hands around you, maybe it’s a meditation thing, fine, great, you’re relaxed, terrific.

But don’t you already know what relaxes you?

Don’t you already know what makes you happy?

Whether it be a beer, a hot chocolate, a nice bath, a walk around the countryside with your loved one, a videogame, whatever it may be, do you not already know what you enjoy? What makes you happy? What takes your mind off of stress?

Why then would you need someone to tell you how to relax?

Just lie down with a bowl of ice cream and watch the big bang theory or whatever it is you do to chill out.

It’s certainly a lot easier than going to some kind of clinic.

What sparked this? Well in Bilborough college there are a group of students who are apparently being taught to meditate in preparation for their exams.

But students know exactly how they like to relax, especially if they go to Bilborough college, I’m surprised they didn’t just hand them out spliffs and get it over with because really that’s where they’re heading.

So you are stressed about exams? Will meditation do you some good? Probably, but probably no more than a nice walk in the park with your boyfriend/girlfriend or a good curry.

Meditate if you will, it’s good for you I suppose.

But to be honest I’d rather do something I enjoy than sit around in some odd position humming and generally looking like a bit of a douche, it’s probably just insecurity but I don’t think I’d be able to meditate without it being completely ironic.


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