Spotlight Fauna

I have no ideas for this blog, I’m in a hurry to get somewhere and have thought of absolutely nothing, so let me delight you with a few facts.

Did you know that Torosaurs are actually adult Triceratops?

Did you know that there are many people that had never heard of either of these creatures.

They’re dinosaurs.

Dinosaur means terrible lizard.

Coincidentally today’s terrible lizards have a vastly different phenotype, with creatures such as the Davidus Cameronus and the Conservatoria order just to name a particularly successful tree of life.

These creatures work in a half-symbiotic/half-parasitic relationship with creatures known as Nickus Cleggus, partially mammalian creatures from the order Liberus Democraticus who work together in small packs usually, and become much less popular both as tribe members and as mating partners when they work their way into the Cameronus herds, herds that all went to eton and have never had normal lives, as such they are hard to comprehend which might explain the atrocities they attempt in the name of what is good for their habitat, a mixture of forest and concrete jungle known at the Ingerland.

Triceratops had three horns, David Cameron on the other hand, only has one horn, and it’s only hard half of the time, usually when he’s fucking up his environment with a mating call some in the Conservatoria order have nicknamed ‘policies’.

A real terrible lizard is the Komodo Dragon of Indonesia, not to be mistaken for mythic dragons which may be derived from misinterpretations of crocodilians.

The Komodo Dragon has so much pathogenic bacteria in its bite that one attack can be fatal, in that way it’s a lot like a bank.

I don’t need to finish off that you already know who the bacteria are and if you hold open your mouth while you’re trying to pronounce their job titles it sounds like wankers which is, coincidentally, what they also identify as.

Komodo Dragons are actually a type of monitor Lizard, which unfortunately is not attached to a computer lizard so you can see what you’re doing.

The mice would probably be very unhappy to be connected to a computer lizard, especially if a monitor lizard was close by, as they would then become something the scientific community affectionately calls ‘lunch’.

Ford Prefect once said that ‘time is an illusion, lunchtime, doubly so’ I think that concludes this blog quite nicely and obscurely do you not agree?


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