False Alarm

I’ve seen a lot of people on facebook who are actually surprised that the world didn’t end.

This worries me greatly.

Surely guys you can exercise your grey matter a little, enough at least to figure out that if the world was ending there would be more than just a whisper in the back of the classroom or office of ‘hey I heard the world’s going to end’ ‘oh yeah I heard that too’. Every government would be on red alert looking out for a way to stop it.

Now even if the rapture was coming, why would a certain sect of people know about it, did God give them some kind of divine wink? Surely if you’re buying into this whole rapture thing then the only person who would really know would be the pope, and he seems a lot more interested in telling the most AIDS ridden countries in the world not to use condoms than speculating as to when Jesus will come back for that second date.

Also anyone who’s actually read revelations would know that were the rapture coming it’d be pretty bloody hard to miss, in fact it would be nigh impossible to oversee the dragons racing across the sky for one even ignoring the whole burning and battling and angels and false prophets.

Trust me guys, I think we’d know.

So the world didn’t end yesterday, it didn’t end when the large hadron collider was established and it probably won’t end on December 21st 2012 either, so stop worrying about it, we’re all going to say goodbye eventually, the fact that some oddballs think that they know when that’s going to be doesn’t mean that you should take them for their word, not everyone who comments on these issues knows what they’re talking about, and in fact the vast majority will have not an ounce of a clue, they just believe that chinese whispers is an honoured sect of scientific understanding.

Were the rapture to come however, I would have a lot of burning and torture to look forward to, especially after writing this blog and declaring it a very silly notion.

And for Christ’s sake when it does happen at least make sure your pets are ready to spend the rest of their lives without humanity.


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