Noticeable Awkwardness

You know when people quit their jobs in movies and television, they never give the week’s notice you’re supposed to.

Is that rude or can I follow suit?

For example am I allowed to conjure up an argument just so I don’t have to come in on that week despite it being both out of character and infuriating? Or is it just that television (as usual) has it all wrong?

I suppose in a way it would lessen the drama if protagonist A has a big shouting match with the boss, leaves in a huff after throwing paper everywhere and then comes back in the morning with a politely written note and a guilty grin while they take in the final week of hell after the boss gets back at them for the last time, that would be much less involving to the plot, unless of course the plot was this exact thing, in which case this is a terrible idea for a television series and as such I’m sure that somebody’s already tried it and of course then we get into the whole plagiarism area in which there is lots of bumpy ground for lawsuits and other such lovely happenings.

But really if you’re looking to leave a job I’m sure that you don’t want to spend the next week around all the employees you are consciously leaving behind, being given the evil eye and being called names behind your back. (This if of course, assuming the worst.) You want out of there and you don’t want it in a week, you want it straight away, you have the right to not be probed about your decisions and surely at some point in the week someone is going to chase you up and g’wan you into submission, it’s just the way we humans are, intrusive and obtuse, at times that is, the rest of the time we’re just plain idiotic.

So why the week’s notice? Well there are many reasons but they just don’t make up for the confusion I feel when I think about how awkward that last week must be, not that I would be socially comfortable in any situation that involves people I didn’t choose to be around but you know what I mean, it’s all a little too harsh that potential for tension and unease, could they not at least make it two days or something? I suppose in some places it’s more, and in many places it probably lasts many months and for the latter I feel very sorry, because that’s an awkward quarter of a year, no chance getting away with keeping your mouth shut there, you’re caught hook line and sinker on the fishing rod of twattery, and there’s not even a maggot to eat there.

All you’ll get is a wave as bitter as this.


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