Some things should be more important than work, and you’d think they would be, however, if you’re not in charge you have no say in what’s meant to be important to you, if your colleagues are having a week off on a whim and you want a day of because of a very important occasion (or even just a half day off) it’s your fault for not saying in advance.

Well excuse me but there are many things more important to me than work and this one really should take priority, it doesn’t help that the communication skills and basic human understanding are considerably lacking in your brain either, maybe you should try and work out why people are always coming across as rude to you, because as far as I can tell you treat everyone like they’re worth nothing and as if you have authority over them because obviously spending your pre-menopause life as a shop assistant has given you the right to parade around pretending you’re better than everyone to make up for the fact that you never even came close to achieving what you wanted to in your precious wasted life.

I’ve had enough of your ridiculous conspiracy theories, I have no idea how you could possibly interpret me going to use the toilet as an excuse to avoid work and communicate with people in the outside world, I have no idea how you could possibly think that I use my headphones that I never wear at work as an excuse to ignore people, I have no idea how you could possibly think that I go out of my way to make other people feel miserable (although it’d be a nice plus at the end of this) and I have no idea how you can possibly think you can get away with telling me that I must have had an awful upbringing, or that my parents didn’t raise me right.

Yes I remember that very clearly, you ended this tirade of insults by saying you were the fairest person you’ve ever met, well that just goes to show how little you understand about the world, because this is why people act funny around you, because you’re incredibly rude.

Now it’s not enough that you personally insult me, forbid me from rights the other employees are perfectly okay to receive, or that you continually draw out ridiculous theories about me ‘having taken something funny’ and ‘taking pleasure in the suffering of others’, no, you do this and continue to be completely and utterly incompetent. You have absolutely no professional air and that is frankly astounding considering the position you hold.

You break almost all the rules you are set and then complain when others do not understand this, you change things around without telling anyone and get infuriated when people don’t realise these differences before things go tits up, you refuse to put things in the right order because ‘it’s always been like that’, your methods of demeaning me from feeling encouragement for working hard were the most childish I have seen since primary school, you make up rules on the spot just so that you can feel superior and have more power to add to the speck you started with, you talk about everyone like dirt especially those working professionally in league with you which is just pure bitterness taking hold, you refuse to make things regular and comfortable purely on the principle that the world revolves around what you want, you constantly talk at length about what horrible people your customers are despite everything in the professional world that advises against it, you’re bigoted, narrow minded and judgemental while ignoring this in order to tell everyone who you have a grudge against that they are exactly that, you take any excuse to avoid doing any work and then complain that there’s not enough people to do all the tasks that need doing whereas when you’re not there everything is done by two people in just over three hours at maximum and you assume that you’re as sacred as the pubic hair of Jesus Christ himself, whereas in reality you’re more like the arse hair, I hope that puts things into perspective for you as I’m sure with your complete ignorance of how technology post-1960 works you’ll be able to find this and connect the dots.

I’ll be glad to see the last of you.


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