No, the change is coming!

Come senators congressmen etc. etc.

Because the times they are a changin’

and people don’t like that much.

I will admit to that too, I’m not a big fan of change usually, however, when you get to a certain age it’s somewhat exciting as long as you’re gaining a new experience rather than losing something but seeing as that statement’s blindingly obvious I’ll move on.

Change as a spontaneous (scary) or anticipated (scary) thing will always loom over people like a giant with his cock out, because we can’t yet see the consequences of the as of yet untravelled path.

Because humans are scared of what they don’t understand.

This is a nice way to explain fear of the dark, fear of death and creationism among other things.

But what happens when we do understand it?

Well then the nostalgia will set in and really you’re gambling there for whether it’s going to be that good, warm, mushy nostalgia that makes you want to play pokémon cards and wear your old buzz lightyear costume, or the bad nostalgia where you remember that that guy said he never wanted to speak to you again, you know, sometimes it’s hard to believe they fall under the same umbrella of nostalgia despite them being even closer than two sides of the same coin, they’re on the same side of the coin, fighting for space on the tip of the Queen’s nose and only one will survive, let’s give the pokémon cards guy a lightsaber and swing the odds in his favour shall we?

Change is a big black spot in front of us that we can’t peer into without just being faced with obscurity and the only way to get rid of that fear of things that we can’t prepare for efficiently is to jump into the lake and hope that the water’s warm and that if it is, it’s not from urination, because nobody wants to smell like that when they’re moving forward to new horizons.


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