Double Ended Penis Lizard!

Now look at that title and try to work out how several people searching the internet with this query ended up here. Does that not seem odd, I mean it’s weird enough at the fact that the majority of my blog views are from people searching for succubus sex but a double ended penis lizard? How can you have a double ended lizard?

I think what they meant to search for was a lizard with two penises, which actually exists, but then where would they have come up with double ended? It’s not some kind of living, scaly dildo, it’s a lizard, a perfectly normal lizard, it just happens to be twice as hung as many males of different species, although it’s not unique in having multiple penises, sharks are that way inclined I hear, and kangaroos, although as I’m not a penis expert don’t quote me on that, I’m far from experienced in the cock department, although there have been people in my life that have begged to differ on several occasions, maybe they were compensating for something…

And as for ‘you have been preparing for this your whole life dildo’ I really can’t see where they could have pulled that one from, it’s very obscure and I’m not even sure if it counts as kinky, it’s just creepy, it makes me imagine some drooling bearded man in a trench coat who always grips a dildo tightly in his deep pockets, a very disturbing image I know, but that’s what happens when I look at where my blog views have been coming from.

I wonder if that dildo was actually a double ended penis lizard, I suppose you could have been waiting your whole life for something like that, and yet it still remains rather disturbing.

And as for ‘he fucks a blow up doll’…

Well, you people never cease to surprise me, you should all feel very ashamed of yourself you dirty, dirty googlers, please control your libidos, if not for the sake of your significant others then…

ah, who am I kidding as long as it means you end up here I’m happy for you to search for anything, go on, search yourself into oblivion, splooge all over yourself in throes of googling ecstasy, I dare you.


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