The Irony… It Hurts…

I would like to propose a toast to hypocrites, for fueling the art of face palming for the last few millennia.

Let me first of all say that thanks to wordpress’ dictionary not recognising millennia as a word (nor wordpress or recognising for that matter, and it was only recently that it started recognising the word blog) I had to type out that word five bloody times before I realised that I had the right spelling all along and that the dictionary is just plain retarded, in fact realised is now also falling victim to the accursed red underline that whips every word that isn’t a blatant Americanism.

Anyway, I’m sure I was probably going to say something before I went on that rather spontaneous tangent so let me regain my bearing a second.

Ah yes, so before I leave this tirade of ridiculousness, idiocy and just plain horror of this thing I can barely get away with calling a job let me just share a story with you, a very short, couple of sentences long kind of story but due to the fact that I’ve built it up so much now it should count as something at least along the lines of a story if indeed not a full blown one, which I assure you it is neither long enough nor interesting enough to reach the status of.

Anyway this managerish person who let’s say doesn’t do a lot of managing despite the title turns to me and tells me that she thinks she knows what’s wrong with the country and knowing pretty much what’s coming I brace myself to not try and get offended by the bigotmobile that she so loves driving down the motorway of scapegoats on whenever she has a couple of seconds to float around in her own deluded head.

She says that some time ago she was given a list of all the convicted shoplifters in the area and that they all had polish names, from that information she reached the conclusion that all foreigners are ruining the country increasing crime rates and doing anything she doesn’t like, because obviously those things weren’t there before.

Now the whole ‘they were all foreign, it’s disgraceful thing’ is something I’ve heard a lot from her and so it became a little discussion about how english/white people are just as bad as any other nationality or race, to which she agreed before then coming back with something akin to ‘we shouldn’t let any of them in, they’re ruining this place, we need to sort out all of the problems over here before we sort out any for them’ which not only is a mesh of unrelated statements only joined up by the inherent racism of the motive behind them, but is a very selfish thing to describe.

Why should it not be our duty to help those starving and dying because they cannot afford a living just because it’s a little further away from the largely comfy lifestyle we are used to, is that not inherently ignorant to declare such a thing?

She rounded this off however, very nicely: ‘you know some people just think they’re better than everyone else don’t they?” I did not laugh, I was face palming in my head, it was too ridiculous, and I was amazed that she didn’t notice this hypocrisy herself despite her incompetence.

The irony was so pungent I could almost smell it lingering on the dirty walls of the neglected place and with that I had a thought, something along the lines of, thank God I won’t be here for much longer.


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