Struck A Nerve

So I guess I struck a nerve, yeah I know I’m fucking hilarious.

People are offended easily by certain subjects, this at least is a no-brainer, but I can’t help but wonder whether it’s me that just inherently pisses everyone off even when I mean well.

So my last day of work led me to be let out two and a half hours early with no explanation and also included being sent out on some sort of bogus recon mission so that they could get me out of the shop, I mean really if they thought they were being subtle they really weren’t.

But it’s not just that, it seems that though I strive to make sure I tiptoe around everyone I end up just infuriating the lot of them and a lot of the time I have no idea as to why.

So will somebody please tell me what the hell I’m doing wrong because really I’m not very confrontational at all, in fact I’m usually really fucking shy.

So how is it then that everyone assumes I’m being a prick to them all the time and yet when people go out of their way to act like dicks everyone acts like that’s perfectly fine and acceptable and they even treat people better for it.

So is being nice the new being a dick? No, that’s ridiculous. So what is the reason for this?

I suppose I’ll never know but it would be nice if someone would actually go through with me what I am doing wrong so I can stop passively annoying the fuck out of everyone while my mission statement remains to make sure that everyone is happy all of the time, which is inherently an impossible goal to reach.

So do I care that some people at work who I will most likely never see again don’t like me?

Absolutely not, I couldn’t really give less of a shit, but I have noticed throughout my whole life the general consensus upon knowing me passively without actually making an effort to get to know me is that I’m some sort of sociopathic super-prick whose only job is to look ugly enough to ruin peoples’ days simply by existing.

Now I may be exaggerating here but I think my point comes across fairly strongly thanks to it, people seem to assume they know everyone else upon first impressions, but this is a ridiculous stand to make in many ways, I mean how many people have really been as simple as your first impression? I don’t think I could come up with a single example.

So what’s the lesson here?

Well I’m not sure there is one to be honest, and based on the title of this blog this should have really been about people taking things too seriously but it doesn’t seem to have gone very far in that direction at all.

However, they do, and on occasion so do I, in fact I have actually got a lot better of that, it’s one of the few things I can congratulate myself for over the years, but what people don’t realise, and I think the bigots at my now ex-place of employment need to realise is…

You do not have the right not to be offended.

I think Penn Jillette said it first but I may be wrong, and for me that statement really says something about the overly reactive world we live in, where you can call someone an idiot and get the national papers on your arse in seconds flat, I mean really, come on guys, very likely you are idiots, I know most people are, I know I am, in fact, in my experience people who can admit they are idiots generally tend to be less idiotic than those who refuse to admit that much.

Myself not included of course, I am and always will be a massive prick.


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