It’s The Thought That Counts

So what kind of presents do you tend to get for your birthdays?

Well for your nineteenth it seems to be the general consensus that alcohol and some personal items are generally dished out as the pleasure of being old enough to go the pub hasn’t quite worn away yet, you’re still in that beer swaddled state that began when you turned eighteen and bought your first crate of beer only to lose your passport at asda within two minutes of your coming of age.

Well a friend of mine recently turned 19 side and he managed to get himself a lovely gift of a pair of dowsing rods, which he quite rightly pointed out is a very odd thing to get for a nineteen year old student.

How many students would truly dedicate their time in between uni classes, watching south park and drinking heavily to establish that yes, there is water fucking everywhere, idiomotor effect aside however, this is still a strange thing to buy for a student, I mean really, hey I hope you’re enjoying struggling to pay for food and beer, here, unleash your inner psychic abilities with these stick things…

Not that it wasn’t a nice gesture, I mean if you believe it that thing I’m sure it’s a huge blessing but really, it’s just a little bloody weird.

So next time people, when you think of getting something like this, there’s a good way to solve this. Think about what the person your offering a gift to will want, and if you don’t have the faintest idea of what that possibly could be then make an educated guess based on your prior knowledge of them and the stage in their life that they have reached up to this point, sound simple enough? Good. That’s what I was aiming for.


One response to “It’s The Thought That Counts

  1. Having just taken the said 19 year out/ I was amazed how many girls wanted to play with his dowsing rods.

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