If Memory Serves…

It just occurred to me that I have a thousand things to prepare before download festival, including 5 pre-made blogs to be posted under Roy Manterfield’s very capable hands, however, this reminded me of something that consoles me a little I believe, this year I’ve been feeling like I’m dumbing down with each day I’m out of education, however, the fact that I have an absolutely awful memory might have something to do with a fact that I can’t quite put my finger on where within a droplet of water iron is oxidised and where it is reduced.

Hold on a second, there we go.

Although I assure you it’s not just the chemistry I’m getting a little rusty on, no pun intended I assure you although I will reprimand this with a hurr hurr.

But I’ve left this really late, mainly because I was working up until this wednesday, but mostly because everything seems so far away until it’s staring you in the face and giving you a cheeky grope when you’re ass is unprotected.

By the way, anyone going to Download festival should check out Illuminatus, they’re a brilliant Nottingham based metal band that will absolutely blow your socks off, no exaggeration, I’ve seen them at least five times, in fact if you check out alterthepress.com next thursday I’ll probably have them as my weekly recommendation.

You should check those out by the way, as well as finding album reviews I happen to have knitted together with my keyboard yarn, there’s a very nice feature where every staff member recommends a song per week, and while at the moment I’m mostly listening to the awesome new Foo Fighters album (wasting light) everyone and their mother knows about it, and Dave Grohl doesn’t need my help getting a couple of extra listens.

And if you’re too lazy to search, the weekly recommendations are here.

And if you search there for Edward Strickson you’ll find a good chunk of my stuff.

Wow, well that was a massive tangent, but seriously as it seems I have the long-term memory of a stroke victim and a terrible short-term memory to boot, I’m like a powermac running on a 1GB hard drive.

What does that mean in real terms? I’m useless at remembering anything useful but brilliant at remembering the most ridiculous whimsical shit you can find within a few hundred wikipedia searches, and not even anything that could become classed as general knowledge, just really, really trivial things, most of which I am convinced I am the only human being alive who manages to show the slightest ebb of interest in.

So now I’m off to get uncle ben’s boil in the bag rice and some mess tins, remind me to get enough beer to kill a horse while I’m gone.


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