Metric Time

Here’s something that I sometimes think about for a while before realising how silly the subject is. Metric Time.

Having all hour measurements (hurr hurr) working in groups of ten would be simpler somewhat but the logistics of changing this would be way too much hassle to come anything close to being worth it.

Imagine having 10 extended hours in a day, or 300 extended days a year (I did not use maths to work this out, it was purely an exasperation please do not correct me, actually do correct me I’m rather interested in what it actually would be and far too lazy to do any of the calculating at the moment), I’m sure many people would fail to understand what was actually going on and assume that we’re actually making the days shorter, but what it would essentially do is divide the twelve/twenty four hour system into chunks that worked out into some very neat multiples of ten.

Would we have to reset the calendar after that? Would we begin January 1st in the year one? Would the world go absolutely nuts?

Well the world’s already full of insane and questionably sensible people so I really don’t think that’s a concern, everyone and their mother seems to think that their president/prime minister is out to destroy the American/wherever you happen to live dream and there are many people who react to people not agreeing with their rather strained points of view by shooting them in the face with their righteous shotgun, for the good of the land! No, you’re an idiot.

It wouldn’t be too bad to reset the clock, although I really want us to get to the year 20X6 and 2135 and all those other significant years in the future, in fact, get the enterprise blueprinted and start thinking about beginning stardates this way, sound like a plan? It should, it’s the future. Probably. Actually probably not.

So when your clocks start looking more and more like metre sticks then… well you should really think about going to see a doctor, or getting your eyes tested, if the optician finds nothing wrong you probably have some sort of malignant brain tumour or something horrible, do not hold me accountable for this either, I cannot predict the future and I don’t believe that even with much training and back massages I would be able to.

At least however, if this change ever was implemented then it would be very slightly simpler, if not only because it’s more in line with what we use for everything else, except for temperature, we should use kelvin for that, because it makes more sense than centigrade or Fahrenheit, you know it’s the truth.

Just to clarify by the way, I actually took some time to look up a bit of it and it still sounds very silly.


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