Updates And Excitement!

Right so I’ve just written six blogs, and given the time since I got up that took me…

Fucking ages.

But it was worth it I suppose because I’m going away and I still want this place to be updated while I’m going walkies, well, not really a walking type of thing I suppose although there’ll be a lot of walking involved, a lot of walking with too many bags that are all too heavy.

Yep, you may remember that festival season is about to begin and I’m celebrating that season by carrying alcohol on a trolley through Donington in an attempt to be drunk enough so that by the time I see System Of A Down if they play science I would have a mood because of the lyrical content, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that that particular song doesn’t sit well with them, but whatever, they’re a great band and I love all of their songs, even that one.

So this blog will be updated, not that you really care too much, you’re probably just incredibly bored and happen to have noticed that that dick head you met once occasionally posts something that isn’t quite facebook related, so you click on the link and are otherwise disappointed.


Today I will be exciting the crap out of you!

Yes exclamation marks will no doubt peak your interests, you’re already excited aren’t you?!

Yes, stick an interrobang in there and everyone’s on the edge of their seats, isn’t punctuation fantastic for brainwashing the internet layperson?!

And if you’re not excited by now then you have no soul, seriously I stuck some all caps in there with an exclamation mark at the end, I mean how exciting can you make something before it just blows your mind? Not very, that’s why I have to be careful not to make this too exciting, so just full stops and commas here with the odd question mark. I can’t afford to use the word fucking too many times either, people get excited by the word fucking, especially sexually frustrated people because all they think about is fucking, and the more they think about fucking the less fucking they get done, and the less fucking they get done the more fucking they want, and the more fucking they think about-


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