While I’m Gone

So I’m about to pack for download, as everyone should be doing when it’s mere hours until you have to get up to go to a festival. So far I haven’t packed anything but that’s a minor point, packing is for pussies, I’ll pack when I’m bloody ready, and I haven’t even written a blog yet today, so here we go, here’s my two cents today which is basically a device to delay packing my suitcase for the extended weekend, I hope you all feel very special.

So before I go just to let you know there will be a series of over-extended explanations of why I loved a few films I saw recently, yes I know it’s lazy and overdone but I’m not going to be there so in that sense I’m going above and beyond the call of duty for you people, well, essentially I’m doing it for myself but that’s not the point, I need to keep on pretending that there’s an audience for this flavour of crap, the rambling flavour, favourite of unfunny comedians and overly flamboyant journalists anywhere, a place I suppose I should be glad to inhabit the middle ground on as someone who doesn’t even pretend to be funny or a journalist I think I have the moral high ground here, and I am glad to be standing on it, although the air is pretty thin up here, maybe I should pack an oxygen mask or something.

So far I have on my packing list…

lots of food, lost of beer, a sleeping bag, a toothbrush and a torch, that’s all I’ll need for five days right?

Good, I thought so, I knew I had all of my bases covered.

Speaking of bases actually if anyone reading this is coming to download and hasn’t already agreed to camp with my lot, we’ll be in red camp I think so come down and say hello and make me feel like I actually have an audience.

Why am I bothering writing that?

To fuel my ego I suppose, but is that such a bad thing?

I mean I didn’t even know I had an ego until about six months ago, but I suppose people don’t usually notice these things about themselves, especially considering that if you’re not exactly proud of yourself you’re not going to notice the times when you pat yourself on the back, and considering that you’d be patting yourself up while you wade through piles and piles of crap that’s not really all that surprising.

So I suppose I’ll see you people again on monday, when I assume I’m writing another new one of these things, but if not I have a draft in queue as an emergency that I prepared yesterday in my seven blog tirade (which I still haven’t quite recovered from, I’m still basking in the afterglow) with I’m sure will give me the most delicious kinds of nightmares for the foreseeable future (thank you spell check) and until then, stay safe and read the past blogs because there are like one hundred and ninety now I’m sure you can find something else there to kill the time until your inevitable demise.


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