Eddy’s movie club part 1

Now I don’t often talk about movies on here but I believe that it’s probably about time, seeing as I feel like I may have just seen the peak of what cinema can be, and this is coming from a guy who has five films he has yet to watch sitting around his room unmoved as of five years. In fact it’s been so long that one of them has actually gone walkies and decided to hide itself somewhere between the sacred silence and sleep, which is somewhere in my room, most probably behind my chest of drawers or hidden amongst the various components of my most impressive floordrobe.

First of all, go watch Up if you haven’t already, I admit that the trailer didn’t quite turn me on enough to make me want to go see it but I happened to see some promotional material for Toy Story 3 whenever that was in the cinema where some disney executives counted down the best ten moments of disney-pixar collaboration.

And yes at this point I am absolutely refusing to use a capital letter for disney, their billions of dollars does not earn them that right, but maybe this movie does.

The scene they showed (which I believe was bottom of their list) was probably the most heartbreaking four minutes and twenty one seconds of film I have seen, and yes I am a sucker for these kind of things, having cried at both the lion king and toy story 3 I know for certain that I have no man points left but what the hell, I didn’t have many going for me anyway, this isn’t going to make a lot of difference to that.

I still can’t watch it if I want to stay emotionally stable, yes I’m a sucker, but this is genuinely a beautifully written film, and the face that Michael Giacchino of lost fame did the score for this makes it a thousand times better, he’s just one of those composers that gets to me every time.

After Ellie’s death Carl embarks on a quest to finally take his wife (and his house) to paradise falls, a place they were talking about ever since they were children, and a place that if it weren’t for that heartbreaking incident at a well thought out picnic, they would have both made it to alive.

But you can’t have a movie without character development, and through a young scout, a dog, a childhood hero gone awry and a certain adventure book, Carl realises that what Ellie wanted all along was for him to be able to have a life after she was gone, and through that, he learns to let go, something that he had been struggling with all the way through the movie, literally, he had a house attached to him by reins.

“Thanks for the adventure, now go have some of your own.”

Someone give me a tissue.


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