Eddy’s Movie Club Part 3

So hold on to your hats there’s more to come, while I am away the movie club is here, although I can’t recall seeing any more than three movies recently so it’s rather unlikely I suppose that there’ll be a part four but I will strain my brain to see if I can dig one up, after all, it’s very slightly easier than doing anything actually engaging or something that I need to do research for.

Anyway, to business.

By the way I’m rather disappointed that there isn’t a youtube clip from The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy for that ‘to business’ moment, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve searched for that and not found it, I mean how hard would it be to upload it? It was like three seconds long and hilarious, maybe I should upload it, rip the DVD and take those three seconds off, stick em online and earn five dollars from google ads before being sued by Douglas Adams’ estate.

right now this is just silly, it’s not even on google images, I’m sorry, but am I the only person that remembers that bit of the movie? Was I the only person who enjoyed that part of the movie? God damn it, well, at least I appreciate it, these internet dwelling folks don’t respect the dead, you should all be very ashamed of yourselves, especially you Martin Freeman, you should have known better.

And I wasn’t even intending to talk about the Hitchhiker’s movie but I suppose I’ve already run into somewhere in the region of two hundred and fifty words so what’s the harm in sticking a few more in and calling it a post right?

I suppose this counts as a movie club thing, I mean I was kind of talking about the movie, although I wasn’t really talking about what I thought of it.

And all in all it was a great movie, but as with many, many other great movies, it will never match up to its literal counterpart, sorry every Harry Potter movie but you’re in that category too, especially you, Order Of The Phoenix and Half Blood Princem you’ve been very, very naughty.


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