Eddy’s Movie Club Part 4

So I’m back, and though it’s only been about thirty seconds for me I imagine it’s been about a day for you if you’re reading this regularly, which I don’t expect that you are, after all, I update this blog every day and not many people are tolerant enough to want to be inside my head for that amount of time, although if I did less I’m sure that not only would the readership of this blog dwindle largely, but I would probably not be able to keep them regular, remember when I was doing those doctor who blogs? Well I don’t think I got past episode 6, not very good eh? Well at least I’m on track now, so where were we? Ah yes.

X-men First Class. Go watch it.

Seriously go watch it, it’s absolutely incredible.

Now I’d heard good things about this movie and certainly due to the fact that it was a marvel movie I was interested enough to consider watching but not only have I been a little disappointed with Marvel ever since spider-man 3, which in my opinion is only exceeded in its disappointment by Superman Returns, a pile of steaming movie turd if I ever saw one, for Christ’s sake, Inception was better than those movies and Inception was the greatest of the movie turds, in fact Christopher Nolan squeezed out a turd so big for inception that it shat all over The Dark Knight cake he had made the night before, mister Nolan you should be ashamed, very ashamed.

Wait a minute, I didn’t finish the not only. Yes I was going to say that the trailer wasn’t particularly exciting, it was the typical transformers treatment of lots of stuff going on with little substance, which in my opinion, probably sums up all the transformers movies, however, what I got was different, so different in fact that I think I might actually have to forgive Marvel for making Spider-Man 3 (although I’m sure even I could have done a better job on that film), and I’m not going to say that X-men is first class because that pun had been used too many bloody times and it was old after its first usage.

But from Nicholas Hoult actually pulling off The Beast pretty well to the Hugh Jackman ‘Go Fuck Yourself’ cameo this movie was full of surprises, which I’m sure I will touch on when I return, for now I’m going to cut the umbilical cord of this particular blog and let it take its first breath before I return a few seconds later to type up the second utterance about the new X-men movie.

And yes I almost put Eddy’s move club as the header, that would have been a very different kind of club, one which I am neither trained nor choreographed to teach.


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