Eddy’s Movie Club Part 5

Welcome back. First of all, almost every scene in X-men First Class was epic, but above all there were some that stood out, whether it be the scenes in Cuba, those outside Auschwitz where we see Magneto begin his journey, his first lesson in how corrupt humans can be, and much, much more, seriously I don’t think there was one moment of this movie I didn’t enjoy, not one aspect I found disappointing but let’s stick a couple of trailers in here for good measure shall we?

Take a look here at the transformation from Tony from Skins into The Beast (I know, I didn’t think he could pull it off either) but seriously, I actually found the transformation scene very creepy, the first person perspective really creating a sense of panic and horror that I would never have expected from a superhero movie, and although this might be partly to do with me being an absolute pussy and partly to do with me having invested a large amount of my youth in the X-men, I was really impressed with how they handled this part of the movie.

Let me show you a little something else you’ve probably already come across.

And although the best moments really are littered throughout the whole movie, I do have to say that generally the stuff they’ve been releasing as promotional material is nowhere near close to the standard of the movie as a whole, it really is the most impressive X-men movie to date, and I’ve liked all of them, even Wolverine I thought was pretty bloody good despite some critical reactions.

Needless to say I didn’t share the above opinion, although it did make me giggle a couple of years ago when it surfaced.

Seriously though this movie does everything you want from a couple of hours at the cinema and more, and really did seal for me my love for Marvel which I have to admit was dwindling in the movie side of things, not having been very impressed with Spider-man 3, Ghost Rider, Iron Man etc.

They really have pulled the rug from under our feet with this one, you will be blown away if you haven’t been already, and just to give you a taste of the creepiness of the all German scenes from the beginning of the movie (which are brilliantly done in every respect) bear in mind that this scene below from the first movie is recreated and extrapolated to amazing heights, there’s the emotion for one, you’ll get the rest when you go and see it if you haven’t already.


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