Having Myself A Time

To any one who didn’t see the mid-season finale of South Park you probably won’t care what I have to say here, although I suppose you might derive some odd form of idle pleasure out of watching my brain turn to some sort of fibrous mush as I try and work out what the hell I made of it.

Either way if you want to take a look the episode’s called ‘You’re Getting Old’ and the description focuses on Stan’s tenth birthday.

You see the last episode really did a number on me, in short it fucked me up.

For those who didn’t give it a look they began the episode as if it was about dubstep or some similar music, teased us with X-men first class and then essentially broke the fourth wall through Randy and Sharon Marsh, you see it turned out that the joke indeed was on them, it was on Trey Parker and Matt Stone whose frustration knocked me back a little given how taken in I was by the extensive metaphor of Stan’s ‘being a cynical asshole’ seeing everything as a shit or someone shitting, and by the time the joke was getting a little stale, we knew why, and I was a little taken aback, in fact scratch that, I was dumbfounded and found myself thinking about that self-deprecating scene more and more afterwards, trying to work out whether they were giving us a surprise ending to the series, setting up for the show’s return in Autumn or trying to tell the world that their cynical outlook was far from as humorous as we had been taking it.

Either way the final scene was almost… moving.

Am I allowed to say that within the confines of a block of text about South Park, I sure as hell wouldn’t have thought so before I saw it last night, and really I still don’t really know what I think about it, and at the same time I’m not even sure why I’m so bamboozled, why I can’t stop thinking about it like it’s the end of an era when the show’s contracted to continue through to 2013.

Maybe I just need some counselling, or just to start watching The Big Bang Theory again, that show never left me this deflated.


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