Thank You Serj

So as you might have guessed from the fact that I’ve managed to watch the latest episode of South Park I’m back from Download 2011 which I have to say was one of the best weekends/weeks (five days) I’ve had in my life, although given that I can’t remember much of my formative years I shouldn’t really throw out that term so willy nilly, something I noticed when looking in the mirror today and noticing how different I look compared to the fat short haired kid in the gryffindor hat and the gap hoodie that I was at aged 12, alas however, I have not outgrown some of the nerd factor that kept me in that state of perpetual uncoolness but part of me is very happy with that, maybe it’ll help me get a literary agent if I don’t function in normal society.

The only thing that really triggered that comparison however was me finally getting around to reading Philip Pullman again and realising that there had been a seven year gap between me finishing ‘The Amber Spyglass’ and starting ‘The Good Man Jesus And The Scoundrel Christ’, it’s an odd feeling knowing that something that powerful could have been seven years, three feet and a whole corruption ago, I blame society.

Anyway I wasn’t even going to go into that today, what I was going to talk about was something that Serj Tankian said during the incredible System Of A Down set on saturday night, following the performance of ‘Science’ Serj began to explain himself and what we should take away from those lyrics and that set, which I found to be very humbling and appropriate considering the generally more faithless society Britain supports.

The ‘We are the spirit that goes through all things’ speech was actually incredibly moving, and for a moment I found myself very proud to know that I could know all the songs this band have ever done and agree with their message.

The message of ‘Science’ is not that logical terminology is bad or that the conclusions we make based in evidence are invalid, it is that with the power we have, as God ourselves, all of us together having the power of such a being, we can truly make a difference, we can use science to help people, rather than letting it be used to create more weapons, more bombs, more efficient ways of straining people.

No, we have the power with this technology to vastly increase the beauty of a world we are in danger of destroying in our quest to improve it, and that’s where the activist message of Serj Tankian and the Axis Of Justice come in, or at least that’s what I took away from it.

Either way it made me feel a lot less guilty for knowing all the words to that song, and I hope maybe some of you who may have been turned off by those lyrics might see this awesome band in a better light.


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