Poetic Spam!

So now it’s time once again to make fun of those oh so loveable spammers and their wicked ways. As a couple of you might have noticed I do occasionally pick on a couple of comments and blow them out of proportion but seriously this one is poetry in nonsense, you’re just going to have to read it for yourself, I believe it to be the personification of amazing, if not for its complete failure to advertise the replica watches it so desires to sell but to litter its long paragraph with odd words that don’t glue together no matter how many replica watches it attempts to use as its literary cement.

Seriously I’ve read things that make more sense on fucking natural news.com and that’s really saying something, unless this was Mike Adams in which case 1. I stand corrected and 2. I respect this much more than what you’re actually doing on your rather misleading and deceptive website.

So here it is, try not to get hypnotised into buying replica watches while you read it because as we all know this was the desired effect and this guy obviously knew what he was doing here, letting the computers do the work for him? Ha, well we know how that turned out for him. Voila!

He admit have of it don’t. He took down and however were their watches on their citizen. The he needn’t to get, she snapped he, talked to live watching. Them made watching, buy laughed. I rolled about his g, looked right at the watches and said of all last – was platform until the huge nervous ground. Him could head shortly. It might first ring away black. replica watchesHim took orchestrated or perhaps. Millibars equally formerly a chronomaster watches, immediately. Her replica yes. Watches looked already. Not the replica and coins happened more ancient but he said myself vienna like the worth everything of the bill. Carbines uncontrollably and were our m1 replica of maverick. Himself as have kennethcole, in she used to see. cartierBeen together, them invicta of her mens. After the wonderful – skagen watches always to the long review nothing for halcon do, the glitch climbed devised just fast to arrive four stacks. You are with the quality in replica watches? Know? And who had titan watches, and felt her tolerate in a india repeated destroyed back to get little what he would have all skin – enemy to, was the eyebrow the fawkes’s shrugged come to time. Of german disgusting to imagine she said one by the headgear for replica or this on the military headlights but two in the invoker rights and aimed her to its short commands, and now from the vehicle in moderate magnification before in sharply shallow tea did for west ran near their spice on doing this sixty. Him shone headed his gucci to think some astonishing handbag and succumb he we. panerai replicaDesigner was of a watches and was he the ship. You imagined ladies to his of he was, and flew the seiko to keep he clearly to his watches. Him told stood, passed up as an replica. She began this one hines he’ll to a jersey and for some do of replica been at the such ward to baron. His scarab watches left a credit for dress others where hundred in the nerves started pursued the gun. He knelt. Almost back. Feeling down understandable a vintage and found i. The alarm on wrist showered and smashed. He seemed before the lamborghini had removed transformed.

Does it not make you want to shout from the rooftops about how miraculous replica watches are?

Do you not want to climb to the peak of the mount of olives and preach the words of replica watches?

Well there’s good advertising and there’s bad advertising, and when I say that I don’t mean that advertising can be inherently good or bad, only that sometimes it works and sometimes it really bloody doesn’t and I’m afraid to tell you this insane spammer robot/guy/thing but your advertising surely falls into the latter category.

Maybe you should think about trying to get the robot to do something else., like exterminating the human race or maybe just talking to you while you fly your spaceship, you know, something that has much less fail potential than what you actually managed.

Yes, it is ironic that my pictures and blog will advertise this but the guy sort of deserves it doesn’t he? I kinda feel sorry for him.


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