Suppressing Cynicism

How far can you suppress your cynicism?

I try on occasion not to jump to assumptions too hastily but there’s something in the human nature that just wants to call everything that sounds as if it’s going to be shit… well, shit, and confirmation bias kind of does the rest, you remember when you called out something as being terrible and it was and forget when you were wrong out of principle.

Does this make it harder to try new things? Well in a sense it could, if you perceive them as related to another thing you already have relative knowledge to make a judgement on you might as well have not tried it for all the effort that you put into trying to convince yourself you’re not having a good time, at least with some people.

However, it does seem that when I do give things a chance, whether it’s because it sounds familiar or I’ve heard good things I’m often led straight to the answer I try to avoid, and why is this? Well it’s because there’s a lot of different flavours of everything in the world, and no matter how much of the one you don’t like you try it’s still going to taste like shit.

And if this seems a little vague to you, I’m talking about Young Guns.

I went to their show at download expecting something impressive but I didn’t feel like I got anything worth enjoying even for a second, but I’m not a fan of the genre I suppose, and although I’ve heard from people who said that their show was shit compared to their CDs I also heard from people who really enjoyed their set, however, everyone’s opinion is questionable and in a sense resistant to comparison as much as you can’t go inside someone else’s head, everyone’s experience is going to vary on a large scale, therefore no-one else’s opinion should influence you, and certainly once I had noticed I wasn’t enjoying their admittedly short set, I couldn’t return from that zone.

Thankfully Anti-Flag played after, a band that I’m a huge fan of despite the crowds of people I have heard saying that it is they who are (getting dangerously close to overusing the word now) shit.

But thinking for yourself isn’t hard once you realise that it’s okay, something that a lot of people never get around to feeling, listening to whatever’s cool at the moment, ignoring the fact that they don’t feel comfortable with it because they’ll seem popular, so why is it I feel that they are the sort of people that would be listening to Young Guns?

Well, that’s probably because I have the mental age of someone many decades older.

But that doesn’t really compute either because there’s no way I could be considered mature, have you read these blogs for Christ’s sake?

Alas, I must accept that we all have our biases and as much as I’d like to say I’m bias free as a human being I am not.

I wouldn’t even go as far as to say I’m a cynic but it is a necessary struggle on occasion to hold back the cynical instincts that we develop over the years, if not to experience a couple of things you would otherwise have avoided, then just to be a little more humble around people who just in general really like shoving shit into their ears.


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