Father’s Day

Just a little thing I wrote for father’s day today, it’s a little flowery but I suppose you’re used to that by now if you’re a regular here, sorry for the lack of spontaneous material today but everyone needs a recovery day after a night like that, I’m sure your head will figure out the rest for itself.

It’s a little personal but screw it, it’s my blog and I’ll decorate it with whichever words I deem worthy.


Times have changed.

I look back upon those moments where our bond faltered and cringe with disappointment, the stellar nature of my rising ego flushing away the patience and dedication you put into raising me.

I’m glad to say that I can now accept that I was the fool and not you.

Vast delusions of grandeur clouded my vision, I was blind to the true sentinels while I threw everything that should have mattered away purely to chase a selfish dream, the probability of success was slim and yet my faith was so blind that I committed social suicide, and yet you were there supporting me despite how absent I was, despite how apathetic I may have become to the real love that I should have been paying attention to.

And when I hit rock bottom I looked back up and I wept, I asked myself what I had become but the answer was simple, I had rejected myself on a whim, our similarities which were precious should have been warmly accepted rather than treated as they were.

But I was the fool; it was me who needed to say it.

I am proud of you.


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