Literary Prostitute For Hire!

So what would you people think about me putting out a little more content for the book I claimed to have finished many months ago? Partly just to get it out there and partly to try and get a little media attention, seeing as the race to find an agent is an uphill struggle, as everyone but me seemed to accept. That’s what I get for being impatient I suppose.

I could do a little podcasty thing I suppose but then I’d have to find an audience for that, and if this blog has taught me anything it’s that an audience is a hard thing to come by, and it comes slowly, that and that for some reason the wordpress spellcheck doesn’t recognise blog as a word, neither does it recognise wordpress. Or spellcheck.

Damn my brain attempting compound words against the will of the mighty spell check! (Are you happy now?)

But I have considered going to with it, the disadvantage of that being first of all the fact that it’s only you driving the product rather than some established agent, and also that were a publisher to come after all that, it’d be too late. Unless I’m misunderstanding the website? I suppose I could be, the pessimistic outlook that I seem to ooze could fit perfectly into that interpretation.

As with everyone I want success handed to me on a platter, and as with everyone who isn’t Justin Bieber (thank you spell check for not recognising that little bastard) I have to wait and hope, something that hasn’t served me too well on the music side of things for one, I find that my relationship with lady luck may be coming to a close, she is, after all, a fickle bitch.

I have mentioned many times that we make our own luck in this world, and as is obvious, I am a firm subscriber to my own philosophy, however, it doesn’t seem like there are many options open rather then to enlist my old enemy of blind faith (a heavenly virtue that did nothing to help me with anything) or to whore myself out to the internet.

So internet? Do you wish me to be your rentboy?

It would certainly be a lot easier if there weren’t thousands of writers going through the exact same process as me, waiting patiently for the time when their proposal will actually get a look over, and I suppose that my aspirations outside academia will always be that way, because both the musical and literary businesses are incredibly sporadic and fickle.

I need some help people of the 21st century, will you aid me in my quest for glory?


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